The eGro education

The eGro model is at the core of our business. In order to be a scalable business and build up the farming capacity of the local farmers, we have developed educational material on permacultural practices.  

The local farmers are from emerging markets and often lack academic skills. Instead, we educate in the field by example and use visual illustrations to explain our model. 

The local farming communities are educated in ecosystem design, ecological and permanently sustainable approaches. This way, the farmers learn how they can both establish and maintain highly productive ecosystems. More specifically, the local farmers are educated in how to manage their local resources and restore their natural environment through landscaping and forestry, which improves the agricultural production and thus increases their output.

Cinema in the African bush

Our education is both analogue and digital. 

We have trained 8 field officers, one in each village where we are active in, through principles of permaculture and agroforestry so that they can themselves educate the other farmers. 

We also do cinemas in the local communities to engage the whole population in all generations in agritech and the model. These videos help people to aquire knowledge fostering at the same time participation and engagement.


Take a look at eGro's model in 3D

  • You can rotate the field and zoom in on the ecosystem
  • You can see permacultural principles as vast crop diversity and alley farming 

Can you find the rabbit in the field?