Copenhagen Team 

Founder CEO eGro Jacob Vahr
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Jacob Vahr

Owner - Full-time dedicated 

Jacob started his entrepreneurial life early on by making a living from his childhood sport as an elite golfer turning greenkeeper. Here his understanding of soil, water movement and landscaping started to take form. After an inspirational journey in 2008 to the Gambian bush in West Africa, Jacob’s interest for plants initiated the first ideas around the company eGro. A new direction for business development and management created eGro’s sustainable model, that recreates the natural resources of impoverished soil, while the global food supply is stabilized. Building eGro since 2008 has lead to the daily pursuit of the mission to stabilize Earth’s climate.

Founder and CEO

Autodidact and Polytechnical 

Ghazal Torabi Kristensen

Equity partner - Collaborating online sporadically / one day in office every second week

Ghazal is one of the few people, who knows exactly what happened within the first 6 seconds of the Big Bang. As a structured scientist, mathematician and physicist, she has been eGro’s project manager from the very start, keeping eGro’s diligence on a tight track.

Project Manager

Msc Physics and Astronomy/Wind Energy. Stud. MedTech DTU

Daniel González Carmena 


Daniel has a MSc in Land Management from Ålborg University, Copenhagen. He has specialized in genuine sustainable development and understands issues regarding land degradation. Daniel is passionate about the phenomena affecting land, such as Urban and Natural landscape vulnerability, brownfields and how to tackle them through sustainable development with political and social approaches as drivers for progress. He will be working on delicious visuals and giving weight to eGro’s internal and external communication and knowledge-sharing. Daniel just finished an 11 month consultancy with the UNCCD in Bonn, Germany before returning to eGro. He is enthusiastically open/honest, and full of initiative.

SDG consulant

MSc Land Management

Denisa Pirhalova 

Office manager - Application Writer - Event maker

Denisa does it all, she is actually a schhol teacher and spanish speaker, that now lives in Copenahgen while studying Global Studies and International Development at Roskilde University. A VERY humanistic university.

Stud MA Global Studies.

Ghana Partners


Ibrahim Abukari Zukpeni

Ibrahim is eGro’s local manager and our first connection to the Ghana Partners. He is the man on the ground and the main communicator between the teams in Ghana and Copenhagen. To gain inspiration for his dreams of development in Northern Ghana, Ibrahim has been through several training programs in Denmark and other European countries.



Mubarrak Alhassan

Mubarrak is eGro’s local agronomist and works directly with the farmers. He provides the farmers with educational material, field training and support. He has been trained in participatory methods by a Danish organisation and has gained a lot of experience working directly with local farming communities. Through the participatory methods, Mubarrak is able to identify eGro’s future high-quality suppliers and with a mass educational method, he educates any late adapters.  



Louise Pierrel Mikkelsen

Louise has been inside and advisor to several start-ups, ranging from tea import to gaming software development. She is a diverse professional with a lot of passion and patience. Her professional background is in investment and now latest in thinktanks. 

Professional experience: InvestorNet-Gate2Growth, Tryhart, Global Capital Market Solutions (GCMS), Louis Vuitton, Avicore P/S, VELUX.

Helle Dyrby Hoy

Helle Dyrby Høy

Helle has a passion for making people interact and communicate with each other. She is a visionary that employs her skills to advise business leaders and entrepreneurs in communication through her own company

Helle has been advising Jacob on core personality and communication theory, pitch training and issues related to understanding his own external communication. Building him up to be a thought leader.

Professional experience: Founder of Editor, developer and production manager at TV 2 Danmark.


Martin Speiermann

Martin has since 2006 founded several companies and build more than one high-growth company with triple USD digits. Now, he has found his personal success after gradually withdrawing from the companies. As a scientific businessman, he is now devoted to innovation and entrepreneurial mentoring.

He runs WattsUpPower as a CEO on an every day basis, a world leading energy storage company using flywheel and high-end patented REE magnets.

Professional experience: WattsUp Power, Clean World Innovation Invest, SMILICS Technologies, IBM, NeuroSyntek Inc., BG Partners Group.


Morten Engmark

Morten is a creative marketing professional. He started the first skateboard shop in Denmark in 1989. He has build up several companies within telecoms, eventmaking, social media, and will probably continue to do so, as he prefers the company before it gets too big. Morten is generally absorbed by the people and the product.  

Professional experience: CREATE- Events and Social Media, Digitalmessen Aps, Eventbureauet, Social media lab.