Capture CO2

How the science works

Calculate your CO2 footpront.

For less than 50 cent per day you can become completely CO2 neutral.

We give you the opportunity to make this small difference and eventually help to stabilize earths climate. In a few hundred years human kind will live sustainably thanks to the effort of our children and grand children. 

Lets not stand in their way anymore.

Fund a Farm

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African farmers needs materials, initial investors and access to market.

Despite what you may have heard, African farmers are brilliant. They have survived with the current methods in harsh conditions for generations, working dawn till dusk in their fields.

To be able to expand into commercial agroforestry, they need you to lend them seed capital.

Plant A Tree

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"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

Trees are not just trees, they are the backbone of the ecosystem and feeder of the planet.

They feed the soil with nutrients, they filter the water to drink, and they give us fruits to eat.