Vision - A sustainable mankind

Our vision is a sustainable mankind: We believe that humankind has the ability to develop and become the shepherd of stability on this planet.

Mission - Stabilize Earth’s climate

Our mission is to stabilize Earth's climate. Humankind has the ability to do so with eGro's agricultural model that transforms dry and poor land into profitable food producing forests


eGro CO2 map 

Strategic Objectives 

  • Commercialize Agroforestry in an eGro model. Starting in emerging markets.
  • Design and enable our model to be easily scalable in all climates and within all cultures.
  • Prove that our eGro model is 1) financially viable 2) more profitable than conventional agriculture.
  • Make sure our model becomes mainstream for all food and raw material production.

Short Term Objectives

Make our model  reach a critical mass among farmers in one small area.

We have chosen West Africa, Northen Ghana as our strategically healthy starting point to expand from.

You can read more about why we chose Ghana here: Ghana Project


Penetrate one entire country and make it 100% sustainable.

We wish to create a momentum in a critical mass of a single country and ensure that it is consolidated as a stable ecology, understood by its people and thus a stable economy.


Transform the semi-arid areas and near deserts into agroforestry.

Transitioning depleted soils into fertile lands and keeping them permanently productive.

Stopping desertification is not an easy task, but we can actually cultivate the deserts that have been wastelands since the dawn of the planet.