The eGro Academy

Education is at the core of our business. We have a giant mission, not just as a company, but as a human species. We have an ambition to make everyone aware that there is hope in using our methods. That we can sequester carbon and provide food for everyone on the planet with these methods.

We wish to educate both our consumers through our products and our producers about climate resilient production methods, that create life in soil and captures carbon in order to stabilize future climates.

This is a narrative we believe in, so much so, that we enjoy getting out of bed in the morning to live it. Our vision to do so, is that we know that human kind does live in hormony with nature. We just ahave to show people where and how.

Our local farmers around the world are from developing countries and often lack academic skills. Instead of schooling them first, we learn with them in the field about their traditional farming practivces and build on that, in doing so we use visual illustrations to explain our models.

These are the ones you will find here on eGro Academy.

In order to be a scalable business and build up the farming capacity of the global farmers, we have developed educational material on agro and ecological practices.  These materials are being visualised and should be understood just as well by our consumers. When we are all aware how and where, and who produced our food, we begin to appriciate what we put in our mouths and what nurtures our bodies. This will eventually grow to connect us, and expand our world view together.

Enjoy and feel free to engage.

The local farming communities are educated in ecosystem design, ecological and permanently sustainable practices.

This way, the farmers learn how they can both establish and maintain highly productive ecosystems.

More specifically, the local farmers are educated in how to manage their local resources and restore their natural environment through landscaping and forestry, which improves the agricultural production and thus increases their output.

eGro managers planning in Kenya