Mono vs Poly

Monoculture versus Polyculture

A rich monoculture soil will last 50 - 100 years. In poor soils monoculture is only possible for 3-4 years before it turns into desert.

A well-designed polyculture system will last thousands of years. By using polyculture methods, a desert can be transformed into fertile land.

aProducts contain chemicals like pesticides

bProduction is sustainable, organic and rich in vitamins and minerals. No chemical fertilizer or pest-disease control is used

cProduces water scarcity and water pollution

dSaves water resources, does not pollute the water, but filtrates and cleans it 

eDestroys biodiversity

Preserves, suppforts and increases biodiversity

gCauses soil degradation and erosion

hBuilds up soil structure and fertility

jProduces greenhouse gasses

kCleans air by sequester carbon and have low to no CO2 emission

iNeeds high fuel input

lRequires only low cost maintenance, hand labor and no heavy machinery 

mRequires high infrastructure and industrial complexity

nCreates possibility for poor farmers to get ''back in business''