Past interns

Past interns and sporadic advisors 

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Alejandra Rodriguez

Part time volunteer April - August 2017

Alejandra has studied Environmental Sciences Biology/Engineering at the University of Salamanca, Spain and is currently studying her Master in Environmental Biology and International Development Studies at Roskilde University, Denmark. Her specialities are water management, quality management, physical-chemical and microbiological analyses of water. Alejandra works on tasks including environmental risk, ecotoxicology, edaphology and hydrology. She is enthusiastic and has a positive attitude.

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Elizabeth Dencker Løwe Jacobsen

Volunteer fall and winter 2016.

Elizabeth has a BSc in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. She has been working part-time as an intern from July to August 2016. She has specialities in international relations, international and comparative political economy, development, gender equality and globalization. Her tasks at eGro included a geopolitical risk evaluation of Ghana. She is now a volunteer on occasions.

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Ina Juul Jensen

Part-time job trainee Oct- Dec 2017

Ina has a MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen. She has specialized in economic analytics, sustainable energy and -developments, socio-economic consequences calculations and social data. Ina has 10 years of experience with working as team leader, coach and project coordinator for several NGOs. She has worked with refugees, foreign homeless, African street children, clima politics and the fight against poverty. Ina is passionate about working with people, social, climatic and economic development. At eGro her tasks include economical analyses, sales work and a fierce focus on the people and social aspects that are affected by eGro. Ina has incredible drive and coupled with her unique expertise she is able to execute like no other.

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Lorenzo Guerra

Full time intern at RUC February - June 2017, then part time volunteer

Lorenzo has a degree in International Cooperation and Development, Human and Economic Development, Globalization and International studies. He is currently studying his Master in Global studies and International Development studies at Roskilde University, Denmark. His specialties are within project management, team coordination and sustainable initiatives planning. He did an internship full-time in the months from February to May 2017. Lorenzo is interested in the linkages between the eGro model’s output and the international market. He is passionate about replicating the model on a large scale and is a very devoted person.

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Matteo Procopio

Part-time volunteer summer - vinter 2017

Matteo recently finished his Master in Land Planning and Environmental Engineering from the Politecnico of Milan. He is passionate about Climate Change, Land Use, Hydrological issues and very interested in topics related to Mitigation and Adaptation. Matteo has specialities in Natural Resources Management and Water and Food Security. He works on tasks including the Environment, Climate Change and is responsible for the development of new technical solutions to improve our crop harvesting processes. Matteo is a genuine guy with strong determination.


Manon Berend

Full-time intern spring 2017

Manon has a BSc from Toulouse, France and a two-year degree from ESARC Evolution of Montpellier, France, studying Management of Commercial Units. In between her studies, Manon has worked in the French organic shop Biocoop because of her passion for a greener life. Currently she is studying for a degree at Grenoble Graduate School of Management and as part of that she has come to eGro for an internship. She was working for eGro as a marketing assistant full-time for 12 weeks, in the spring of 2017. Manon is interested in the global concept of eGro and the intention to change the conventional agricultural methods. She appreciates optimism and is an empathic and cooperative person.


Nérimène Hamel

Full-time intern from RUC January - May 2017

Nérimène has a Bachelor in International Trade and Languages from the University of Savoy, France. She is currently studying her Master at Roskilde University, Denmark on Global studies and International Development. As part of her Master, she did a full-time internship for eGro from January to May 2017. During her time at eGro, she researched on diffusion and implementation in France and other French-speaking countries in Africa. Nérimène is interested in sustainable development and enjoys contributing to visionary projects. She likes to be on the move, playing ruby and is an incredibly energetic person.

Roman Suleiman

Roman Suleiman

Part time volunteer spring - summer 2016

Roman was studying his Master in Finance at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark when he started working with eGro in 2015. In the winter of 2016, he provided his time to work with tasks including building a viable business case, finding a suitable go-to production market, organizing production on the supply side, selecting relevant crops and establishing a business model. Roman is a sweet Swiss who knows about business, finance and working hard.

Current investor and partner in eGro and weekly advisor