Lend money to Vickeline
Lend money to Vickeline

How it works

Lend money to a farmer, so they have the strength to build a food forest on their own land.

eGro guarantees the loan is used for seeding, weeding, planting, harvest, and post/harvest processing.

After that we also guarantee the buyback of the products from the farmers with other money.

We take over the responsibiity of bringing the raw material from the farmers location and ship it to make products from it and selling it in a market near you.

Get the transparent eperience of investing in your own future crop, with a selected farmer.

Cassuarina seedling planted in august 2022
Cassuarina seedling planted in august 2022

How it works

Every long lasting tree starts its life in a nursery.

250-360 surviving trees are to live on each acre. These we call climax trees.

We plant a lot of support species for the climax trees, other supporting trees, bushes and plants for the climax trees.

Of these we plant 10x as many, up to 4000 support trees, bushes and perrenial plants.

Once every 2nd year the plantation goes through a cycle, where every second tree is cut down to make room for the growth of the climax trees.

The cut down trees become green manure for the soil. 

This is called succession.

Mango tree planted in summer 2017 in Ghana
Mango tree planted summer 2017 Ghana

How it works

In 2017-2018 we planted 1000 trees with 40 farmers, that were going to to fruit in 2022 and beyond.

You can now adopt a fruiting tree, and pre-order the fruits from your own tree to be delivered to your house.


Adopt a Savnnah tree like the acacia, a non-fruiting climax trees that is part of the biodiversity to protect the ecosystem around the fruiting trees, these are the true heroes of the forest ecosystems.  

They protect and feed their sisters and brotehrs with nutrients and cool them with shade and creates a micro climate for production fruiting trees.

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