Be a part of planting 2500 trees in 2023

Get involved with as little as 1 euro

Invest in eGro

We are looking for private business angels and professional investors. Carbon capture in soil is the most important investment you can make in the future. Download our business plans and get in touch

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Vision for a green planet

We identify areas of the planet that are mature for being green again and turn them into productive lands. Building agroforestry ecosystems and bringing climate positive foods to global conscious consumers.

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Pre-Order our products now

Order one or more of our carbon net positive products, and eat your way to becoming carbon neutral. We have 6 raw materials for your global kitchen, but we need conscious consumers to show they want to buy eGro products

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Reversing Climate Change with Sustainable Agroforestry

Our mission is to stabilize earth's climate, so that humankind can live sustainably.

In order to do that we need to reverse climate change by capturing carbon from the atmosphere and binding it in the roots of trees in the soil.

We capture CO2 and make money by doing it, with food producing agroforestry ecosystems

- thus making the global conscious consumer the driving force behind greening the entire planet.

in a few hundred years...

We are going to be part of a future where sustainable agroforestry will replace conventional agriculture as the main method to produce foods and many other things.

eGro is on its way to be a global player in that marketplace, and one of the commercial market leaders within climate positive foods and raw materials.

As such our company will play an important part of reversing climate change for the planet - we are well under way and already proving how we spearhead the change as we buld projects that store carbon from day-1 and as we scale up in multiple countries.

eGro´s commercial model of sustainable agroforestry will replace conventional and heavily damaging agricultural models

As the conventional agricultural models fail, eGros and other agroforestry models will prove to be much more profitable than previous agricultural systems in both short term initial investment and long term returns - all the while capturing the atmospheric CO2 that humankind has released during the fossil based civilization.

And beyond...

The impacts are synergetic, since without the farmers in their natural habitat, acting as the shepherd of the planet, building his local ecology and economy alleviates poverty, enhances biodiversity and  environment positively securing drinking water, food security and thus regional stability.

The reasons are many, and there are enough roles that we can all play to be part of it. 

Come join us...