Reversing Climate Change with Sustainable Agroforestry

Committed to making our planet more green.

By scaling sustainable agroforestry, we address pressing global challenges such as climate change, food security, soil degradation, and water scarcity, while also providing consumers with carbon-positive food options.

We regenerate
agricultural landscapes.

We work with communities to replace environmentally harmful agricultural practices by supporting farmers in building profitable food forests worldwide.

Our model is based on
syntropic agroecological principles.

Intentionally designed for commercialization, our model primarily focuses on emerging markets, while remaining adaptable and scalable across diverse climates and cultures. We carefully evaluate key factors before launching in a new country, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

Help Fund Our Communities

Support Our Farmers

Donate to help secure essential resources like plants, fertilizers, more seedlings for our nurseries, equipment, labor, and financial aid to farmers facing  challenges in managing their productions

Adopt a Tree

Support our projects and initiatives by purchasing established trees throughout our farms.