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Reversing Climate Change with Sustainable Agroforestry

With eGro´s model we capture CO2 from the atmosphere in the soil to build healthy forests that can produce food.

The impacts of capturing carbon in the soil is that it completely stabilizes the local climate, protects against extreme weather from climate change and thus secures food supply. This is good for business, to have a stable and sustainable supply chain.

The impacts are equally important, since it helps to build a local economy and thus alleviate poverty, the environmental effects of the increased carbon in the soil is to secure drinking water and increase biodiversity. 

eGro´s commercial model of sustainable agroforestry will replace conventional and heavily damaging agricultural models

The cool thing is that our model will be even more profitable than existing agriculture - all the while capturing the atmospheric CO2 that human kind has released during the fossil based civilization.

Thus we can envision a future where sustainable agroforestry and eGro as one of the commercial market leader will be a global player and an important part of reversing climate change - to a level where Earths Climate is stabilized.

in a few hundred years...