Acacia seyal (Shittimwood)

119,00 kr.

Acacia seyal, commonly known as the Shittah Tree or Red Acacia, is a deciduous tree species belonging to the Fabaceae family. While its values can vary based on environmental conditions and specific regions, Acacia seyal stands as a versatile and valuable tree in arid and semi-arid ecosystems, providing ecological, economic, and traditional benefits.

Family: Fabaceae (Legume family)
Climate: Arid, Semi-arid, Tropical, Subtropical
Height: 5 – 15 meters on average, but in certain conditions they can reach up to 30 meters
Lifespan: Typically a few decades, with some trees surviving for up to 50 years
Ecological Value:
        • Nitrogen Fixation
        • Shade
        • Soil Erosion Control
        • Wildlife Habitat
Crop Value:
        • Timber production
        • Gum Arabic Production: a natural gum with various commercial uses in food, pharmaceutical, and other industries
Nutritional Value:
        • Fodder: Leaves and pods serve as valuable forage for livestock
        • Medicinal Use: Various parts of the tree are utilized in traditional medicine for their therapeutic properties