Nile Tulip

113,00 kr.

Nile Tulip (Markhamia lutea) is a medium-sized tree native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa. It is renowned for its attractive yellow flowers and its role in local ecosystems.

Family: Bignoniaceae (Trumpet creeper family)
Climate: Tropical, Subtropical
Height: 10 – 15m
Lifespan: Can live for several decades
Ecological Value:
        • Soil Erosion Control
        • Soil Improvement
        • Shade or Shelter
        • Windbreak
        • Habitat and Food for Wildlife
        • Bee forage
Crop Value:
        • Ornamental: Aesthetic Beauty
        • Boundary/Barrier
        • Fuel: firewood and high-quality charcoal
        • Timber Production
        • Medicine: Leaves have known medicinal value
Nutritional Value: Nile Tulip is not typically grown for food or nutritional purposes